How to Select a Superior Quality Olympic Weight Set for Olympic Weight Lifting

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Article by Ryan Shanezorg

When you decide to start looking for a high quality weight lifting set, there are a few factors to think about to make sure you can find a set that is worth your money. If you should purchase steel plates or rubber bumper weight plates is the 1st factor, and the second factor is the quality of the bar.

The initial aspect to consider is actually if the weight set includes metal weights or rubber bumper plates. Steel weight plates tend to be cheaper, and for that reason you will likely only need to think about bumper plates if you anticipate doing a lot of Olympic lifting.

Bumper plates enable you to drop your barbell without leading to harm to the barbell or the floor. Therefore, they’re perfect for Olympic strength training. Any time you see the Olympic lifters on tv, they’re using bumper plates. They also use the kind of rubber bumper plates that have a big steel disc in the middle, encircled with a layer of rubber. They are higher quality in comparison to the rubber bumper plates that are mainly rubber with a small metal ring at the center. The reason for that is that this large steel disc helps to ensure that they last longer, while the little metal band in lower quality bumper plates can easily deform over time and grow worthless.

The next aspect to look at in an Olympic weight set is the quality in the barbell. Some Olympic weight sets will include a barbell that doesn’t possess collars that spin very well, and thus is going to be completely worthless for Olympic lifts. An excellent Olympic weight set should include a high quality barbell that can be used for Olympic lifting. If you’re really serious about executing moves like the snatch or perhaps clean and jerk, you should probably buy bearing barbell, that should rotate easier compared to the normal bushing barbell. In the event you will largely be doing deadlifts, squats, and also presses, then a bushing barbell will probably be fine.

The actual distinction involving a bushing barbell and a bearing barbell is due to the turn of the sleeves when they are loaded with weight plates. A bearing barbell can spin much easier and thus much faster while you whip your bar up and over your head. This can be critical since the less difficult your sleeves spin, the less tension is put on your wrists. A good bushing barbell, nonetheless, is okay for blended use between the quicker Olympic lifts, and the slower power lifts.

The combination of a great set of bumpers along with a high quality barbell will help you to develop muscle mass as well as strength faster than you believed possible.

Ryan Lestenson Shanezorg is a fitness trainer and fitness fanatic. You may visit his website that has reviews on Olympic gear here: Olympic weight set. He also runs a site that contains information on bumper plates here: bumper plates

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