How to Run Faster in 1 Week!

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Article by Bob Brown

How to run faster, that is an issue that has been around forever. People have gone to great lengths in order to get faster such as weight training, running, and unfortunately performance enhancing drugs. Knowing how to run faster is actually more important than the process because one cannot do the process until they understand what they are going to put their body, mind, and heart through.

Many people choose to go to the track and run in hopes of getting faster. Many people choose to go into the weight room in hopes of getting faster. But unfortunately, not only do these people have little direction as far as these methods go, but they are unaware that they are actually programming their bodies to work slower.

Think of a time you have gone to run sprints. You ran the first sprint as hard as you could. Then you ran the second sprint as hard as you could but it was not as fast as the first. Finally, by the time you had finished your third sprint, you were completely winded. The following sprints saw a decrease in speed little by little each sprint, and you began the process of teaching your body to move slower. Why you might ask? The truth is unless you are training maximally, you are getting slower. The more sprints you attempt to run, the slower you are getting. Let’s look at the weight room now. Most people go in the weight room and plan on doing squats or leg press for the lower body. Those are great ideas, but the way 99.9% of people apply those exercises makes them slower. Let’s look at an example. Athlete A is planning on doing squats, three sets of eight repetitions; he does a warm up set and is ready to go. Athlete A chooses a light weight for the first set, builds up weight the second set, and finally is using some heavier weight for the third set. The last few repetitions of the third set were challenging for athlete A and he feels he completed a great lower body workout. But what did athlete A really do? He made himself slower. The only repetitions that were remotely challenging for athlete A were the last few repetitions of the last set! He wasted around twenty repetitions, and because he was not working maximally, those twenty reps really served as a way to make his body slower.

Truly knowing and understanding how to run faster means working from the inside out. You must program your nervous system to go fast with an output of 100% all the time. Although this looks complicated, there is an easy fix to these issues. Using isometrics in the proper position CAN make you faster in as little as one week. Isometrics allow you to always work maximally and always give your 100% effort over and over again. If you perform isometrics correctly within the proper running position for five minutes the outcome will be similar to doing five full minutes of sprinting; imagine what that could do! That is the reason you can see drastic results in as little as one week! To find out more about exercises and routines to get faster using isometrics go to Good Luck!

Bob Brown is a fitness expert who focuses mainly on speed training and speed development of athletes of all ages. Bob Brown has become known in the speed training world after his ebook “How to Run Faster in 1 Week” hit the market. For more information on speed training or the ebook go to How to Run Faster

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