How To Get Big Curls – Biceps Exercises And How To Get Big Biceps Fast

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How To Get Big Curls

How to get big biceps fast and are there any magic exercises that can be done that make the biceps burst out of your t-shirt, is probably the most asked question I get from people who are just starting out in bodybuilding.

There are a couple of ways you can get big biceps fast the first is to take steroids, which I do not recommend and the second is hard work, knowledge of exercises, diet, routines and training like a mad man.

When you are starting out in bodybuilding, don’t fall into the trap that most people do, this being exercising only one body part to death and overtraining.

To get big biceps and fast first you have to know the muscle and its parts.

The biceps are made up of two muscles the inner head and the outer head, by training both of these biceps muscles you are going to see a great deal of mass appear on your arms, exercises for the inner biceps will be anything with a wide grip, such as.

Biceps barbell curls, seated concentration curls, wide grip barbell curls on a preacher bench, I think you get the idea.

For the inner biceps any exercise with a close grip, such as close grip barbell curls, close grip barbell preacher curls.

Also a good exercise for the outer biceps is reverse curls, dumbbell hammer curls personally found that when I first started seeing my biceps really getting big was when I started incorporating super sets and drop sets, my biceps just seem to burst out over night. How To Get Big Curls

So whenever I feel like my biceps are at a sticking point by super setting or using drop sets puts them back on the road to growth.

The reason for not doing these types of exercises all the time is because I would over train the biceps as supper setting is quite demanding on any body part especially on a small muscle group like the biceps.

So if you really want to see the biceps get big fast do not over train them twice a week at most and only if they are fully recovered from the previous workout.

The other key factor to getting big biceps is to having big triceps, without big triceps your biceps will look lost and small, as the outside head of the triceps makes the outer head of the biceps look
bigger when developed properly.

Good exercises for the outer triceps are close grip bench press, close grip push-ups, one arm laying on a bench dumbbell extension. These are just a few exercises for the outer head of the triceps.
Don’t forget about diet eating the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats are a complete must to grow any muscle group so make sure you are getting enough of all of them at lest 5 times a day every 3 hours.

So remember to get big biceps and fast know your biceps know your exercises do not over train eat the right foods, of you are a beginner keep your rep range in each exercise around 10-12 you will find that the biceps respond best to this not the normal 8 reps range and at first do not do more than 12 sets including the warm-up sets, or getting big biceps fast will become a slow uphill struggle. How To Get Big Curls

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