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Great abs are something that most of us have at least thought about getting a time or two. The trouble with making a real effort, however, is that trying to get great abs can be frustrating, if you don’t know how to eat and work out effectively. But with a few simple diet and exercise tips, you can get abs faster than you ever thought possible; and enjoy the benefits of a lean, toned midsection all year long.

1. Ditch the Junk
One of the easiest ways to sabotage your best efforts at getting great abs is to take in significant quantities of “empty” or “mindless” calories. Consider this scenario: you’re sitting at your desk, bored; thinking about a snack. A quick inventory of your drawers turns up nothing promising, so you take a walk around the office, snagging a handful of M&Ms from someone’s candy jar, a cookie from a plate in the conference room, and a pop from the soda machine to wash it all down.

You’ve just eaten about 300 calories, and chances are good that your desire for a snack still hasn’t been satisfied. Do that for a week and a half straight, and you’ll probably gain a pound. Bummer.

2. Make Every Meal Work Harder for You
It’s no secret that some foods do more for our bodies than others. While sugary foods, rich in simple carbohydrates, can give us a temporary energy spike (a “sugar high”), they can also leave us more sluggish than when we were tired and hungry to begin with. For lasting energy and to keep your stomach satisfied, opt for complex carbs like whole grains. Eating cereal or whole wheat toast in the morning will ward off morning cravings for less helpful foods, and give your body what it needs to focus and work hard.

3. Work Out Like You’re Going Somewhere
When you hit the gym, don’t just jump into the same old half hour jog and light lifting routine. If what you were doing was producing great results, you probably wouldn’t be here right now. Boost your exercise intensity by adding hills or sprint intervals (or both, for bonus points!) to your standard run. You’ll burn more calories in the same amount of time, and melt fat off of your body to get great abs fast.

Make sure you’re getting a solid, full body strength training workout at least a couple of times each week. Building more muscle also helps you burn fat, and helps tone up your entire body. Do focus on working your abs hard, but don’t neglect to do the same for the rest of your body.

The real trick of how to get abs faster is simply to work harder, and concentrate on following a diet and exercise program that will benefit every part of your body. Sure, cutting out sweets or making time to work out every day will require some sacrifices now; but just think of how good it will feel to get great abs faster than you ever thought possible. The tools are here. The way you implement them, and your subsequent success is entirely up to you.

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