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Along with advances in technology, human needs, the force expires.
Many people work and do their daily work without motion. Therefore, gaining weight is much easier.
This leads to weight loss industry for misinformation slimmers in a short period of time, some forms of shock diet.
Although these forms of fat in the diet are doing seems to disappear, she leads the overall health of the body in an unsafe and unstable form.
Here are the top 5 common myths and the truth about them.
1. The first myth is that you need 30 minutes of warm up before training. [Warm-up exercises]
We prove that the warm-up for the effective exercise of the reduced risk of muscle injury. However, the warm-up time is the most common misinformed question.
30 minutes warm-up is absolutely necessary. Length should not exceed 5 minutes. Thereafter, the muscles begin to relax, have stamina and are willing to work harder to make.
2. The second myth about fat. It is believed that gaining muscle fat cellulite deposits, and this is all wrong. Grease will always be fat and muscle tissue will always be the muscle.
Fat and muscle are two different questions, and no one can be transformed into another. When performing exercises, the aim should be to burn fat and feed the muscles. When oil burns, it means that the energy stored in the fat cells to burn, thus hiding the fat cells until they disappear completely.
3. The third most common myth is the belief that the strength exercises for everyone.
Strength exercises with a belief in quick toning muscles do not deserve. After warming up the muscles for 5 minutes, it is important to know the type of individual muscles, which should work and body style, employed in the optimal form of exercise that is not always advisable to do while making your muscles to assess.
The human body is designed to operate all the time, but if you have too much muscle, a portion of the damage or injury – which may be difficult to recover from, may occur. It is therefore important to keep the body active, do not push beyond its boundaries.
4. The fourth myth, which must be reduced to the heart direct result on the body.
Any activity that pot total body and increases the heart rate in an intelligible relationship is a sign of an active body workout.
In addition, the development of the long hours in the normal heart lost calories. The process takes time and patience. It is proven that after 10 sessions of cardio body will show the exact results.
5. Finally, the last myth about doing the same workout over a long period of time.
The human body has a “problem” that can be interpreted as the ability to adapt. When performing the same workout for a long time, your body gets used to the routine and stop growing. It is therefore important for the routine and work different muscles change with different types of exercise.
Fitness Myths and Facts-Health and Fitness

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