First Degree Fitness WR-P Pacific Rower

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  • Natural, quiet, and soothing water resistance; simulates real on-water rowing
  • Resistance adapts to work intensity
  • Angled ergonomically designed handle prevents strain on wrists and hands even on long hard workouts
  • Wave rower footboard offers a unique heel support system,instantly adjustable for foot size
  • Light and easy to move around, stores in just 21×20; wave rower tank is made of a tough polycarbonate shell
  • 3 blade stainless steel paddle, variable water volume from 9 to 17 litres

Product Description
Designed for the active 21st century lifestyle. Suitable for the entire family, with ingenious use of the unique physical properties of water. That’s why it’s called Wave Rower!
Just as a wave can be anything from a gentle ripple to a raging ocean surf , so Wave Rower instantly adapts from a light warm-up to a fierce workout. That’s because with water, the harder you work, the tougher it gets. Ask any rower!

Developed in collaboration with professional rowers, Wave… More >>

First Degree Fitness WR-P Pacific Rower

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