Exercises for Flabby Arms

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Older women usually get flabby arms. This is easy to fix. With these simple moves, you’ll be able to have those sexy arms back. You’ll notice the difference and soon you can confidently wear those tank tops.

First step is the ball push up. Get an average size 8 inch diameter ball. Go down on your knees and place your hips in a play position. Make sure that you keep your abdominals tight. The target of this workout is your arms, chest and shoulders. Press the ball down and bring it back up. Breath in and out as you move down and up. Remember to keep your abs tight. Do this in 15 repetitions.

You will need one dumbbell for the next routine. Go down on both knees and place one hand on the ground, Get your abs tight and your shoulders over the wrist. Hold the dumbbell with your other hand. Raise your left leg up. Raise the dumbbell upward and hinge from your elbow then tighten the your triceps at the back of your arm. Hinge back up and down gently. Keep your shoulders steady while doing this. Repeat this 12-15 times on each arm.

You’ll also be needing dumbbells for the third exercise. The biceps and triceps are the muscles in the arms that you need to work on. Holding the dumbbells, stand up with feet hip width apart. Move the dumbbells up and down. Do the same 12-15 times. Put the dumbbells at your side. Do not swing the dumbbells.

You will need a chair for your final exercise. Any chair at home that is stable will do. Sit on the edge, palms down and fingetips facing your knees. Move your bottoms up fom the chair and with bent elbows, slide down on an imaginary wall. Move up and down. At the back of your arms is where you’ll feel the impact. This will also have an impact on your abs and shoulders. Also do 12-15 repetitions. Do this simple exercises twice a week and keep it for a month and you’ll see the difference.

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