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Every body builder should follow a proper diet and an intensive fitness program to get rid of excess fat and become muscular. These days, there are several ways of working out, to develop large and prominent muscles around different parts of the body.

Resistance training is usually done using expensive gym equipment at local gyms. However, there is a cheaper solution for weight lifting using traditional dumbbells. A dumbbell is a short bar with a metal ball or disk, at both ends that is lifted for developing muscles.

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Dumbbell Sizes

There are mainly two types of dumbbells. A fixed weight dumbbell has weights in a dumbbell shape made from cast iron, rubber or plastic. An adjustable weight dumbbell consists of a bar with plates of various weights added on both sides; locked using collars.
We offer a variety of dumbbell sizes ranging from 1 kg to 100 kg; including 110 kg commercial rubber dumbbell set with stand; 110 kg commercial chrome dumbbell set; 275 kg commercial rubber dumbbell set with rack; 775 kg commercial rubber dumbbell set; and the mega 1050 kg commercial rubber dumbbell set.

Dumbbell Applications

A fixed weight dumbbell is used for many one handed exercises that require reasonable weight. Whereas the adjustable dumbbell is used for exercises such as one or two handed curls, dead lifts and heavy weight lifting. Other dumbbell applications include strength training, building chest muscles and toning shoulder muscles.

During most of the dumbbell exercises, you should ideally perform 10 to 12 repetitions, with few minutes of rest time. It is useful for people of all ages and fitness levels; to build stamina, provide movement, improve agility and achieve body strength.

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