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If you want to develop your back muscles, it isn’t necessary that you get a gym subscription and spend tons of money. Even though its nice to have access to those machines, as they will perform the job perfectly, they aren’t required. There are some very good exercises that you can perform using dumbbells. The dumbbells offer a big range of movement than machines do and will allow you to develop one side of your body at a time. Some really helpful exercises for the back are described below.

Exercise 1: Dumbbell rows

This exercise doesn’t take much in terms of materials: some dumbbells and a bench are perfect.

1. Stand up straight while next to the bench.
2. Keeping your upper body in line with the floor, place one of your hands and one knee on the bench.
3. Extend one arm while holding a dumbbell in the same arm.
4. Raise the dumbbell up to your waist without moving your back.
5. Bring the dumbbell slowly to the start position and do as many reps as you want to.
6. Redo the exercise for your alternate arm.

To do this exercise, a bench isn’t required. However, the dumbbells will be necessary.

1. Bend your knees a tad bit while making the distance between your feet about shoulder width.
2. Lower the dumbbells down to your legs while you bend your knees and the lower part of your back.
3. Keeping a flat back, arch inward only your lower back a bit.
4. Keep your back in the aforementioned position and your head up while you stand up.

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Bent Over Row

To do this exercise, you’ll still want dumbbells, just like the last exercise, but no bench is required. 1. Stand up tall and separate your feet at the same distance as your hips are wide while your knees are at a slight bend.
2. Bend at your waist while keeping your back straight. Then, make your palms face each other, and grab a dumbbell in each hand while letting loose your arms. While doing this, make your arms point straight down towards the floor.
3. Holding both elbows next to you, raise your dumbbells to your body and squeeze both your shoulder blades together.
4. Slowly return to the start position and repeat for the number of repetitions that you want.

The correct stance and technique while you do back exercises are extremely important as you might hurt your back if you aren’t vigilant while doing the exercises. Warming up both before and after doing dumbbell back exercises is vital.

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