Compound Exercises Are the Secret to Your Biceps Workout

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Most beginners to body building think that doing a rigorous biceps workout will get them the arms they see in magazines or on television. The truth be told, basic compound exercises performed with intensity along with a normal exercise routine provides the best results.

To get the best out of your workout you need to start with compound exercises. On some days you may begin with upper body compound exercises such as pull ups, rows or bench presses. Lower body compound exercises can be done the next day, and they may include squats or dead lifts.

Beginning your workouts with these exercises triggers your growth hormones releasing testosterone that stimulates muscle growth. Remember to workout with high intensity with little rest between sets to get the most out of your workout.

In order to get those big biceps everyone that starts body building dreams about the bigger muscles of the body need to be worked hard.

One thing you will hardly ever see is a guy with 20 inch guns on a 150 pound body. It is just not going to happen, to get big arms you need a big body and compound exercises will get you that big body.

Another important component to help you in your biceps workout is to consume a balanced diet. While working out you will need to add more proteins, carbs, and good fats. Also remember to give your body plenty of rest in between workouts.

To get big biceps the biceps workout I recommend along with your compound exercises consist of 4 biceps exercises everyone has done. These exercises are the standing barbell curl, dumbbell hammer curl, incline dumbbell curl, and machine curls.

Do these exercises with heavy weight with little rest in between sets until failure on the last set.

By the time you get to the machine curl your arms should be taxed heavily, getting those last few reps on the machine increases the flow of blood to the muscles as well as reduces the risk of injury.

Also remember to get lots of protein before and after your workout through protein shakes to give your body the energy it needs to sustain your biceps workout. Another supplement that I recommend is a high quality multi-vitamin. Good luckand be careful on your quest for the big guns.

John Cole has been working out for many years. After a great deal of research, as well as trial and error, he knows what works and what don’t.

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