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There is just something about Women lingerie that draws both men and women to it. Sexy bra and panty pieces make even the most modest women inspired to showcase their feminine wiles and guiles. And why not we say, if you have the wares, why not flaunt them by trying on some sexy, seductive lingerie! Beautiful lingerie, that looks and feels good, not only makes the wearer transform her looks but also makes her shake away her inhibitions and become more confident. A women who is confident of her body, is indeed a dangerous yet exciting prospect for her man. You can change your life around with the confidence acquired from your lingerie wardrobe. We have a collection of bras and panties that will let you stay your demure self during the day and let your morph into the goddess of love and seduction by night. With this lingerie collection, no one’s waiting for the games to begin, here, they have already begun.

Black Lace Bra and Panty Set- Milano Collection
Model Number: 12115B
If you are bold enough, here’s a piece that will make the room a little hotter.

The bra is an art form of lace and mesh that is embellished with leaf motifs on the upper push up cups. This bra is definitely bold as it will plump up your cleavage, enough to grab eyeballs. If you enjoy the attention, this lingerie piece is sure to start the blood pumping faster, especially if you have special plans for the night.
The bra is accompanied with a semi transparent lace and mesh panty. Now this is the panty that should make you want to go through strict butt toning and tightening regimens. But once you see the look in the onlooker’s eyes, you’ll know that it was all worth it.

Red and Black Lace Bra and Panty Set- Paris Collection
Model Number: 15115P
If you enjoy dirty, sexy lingerie, you’d want to own this piece.

It does look like something Eva Longoria (or even Salma Hayek) would wear, The bra cups are slightly padded and they are lined with frilly ruffles.  No man can resist the tantalizing curves that this push up bra generates, and even fewer men would actually want to! This bra is accompanied with a black and red, lace and mesh boy shortsthat plays the right kind of hide and seek with your nether curves. Show just what you must and hide the rest for the adventures of the more serious kind. This boy shorts also has a ruffled edging around the legs and dares you to count all the red flowers on it. If you guy can resist the temptation that this panty offers, he is not a man, uhmmm, I mean he must be a saint! Right?

Red Padded Push Up Bra and Panty Set- Paris Collection
Model Number: 6173B
This is the perfect bra to play the ‘hooker-by-night’ as it is daringly bold and low riding. This is a very sexy bra that offers an extravagant cleavage through underwired, push up style cups. The bra straps are invisible, this bolsters the thought that it would come off with just a tug. The panty piece of this lingerie is a completely innovative new French styled design. The design is devious in the sense that it fools you completely into thinking that this stylish bikini style panty is actually a wrap around kind of piece. The lace and mesh fold that takes you in is actually just a stylish add on to give the panty a new look and feel. This sexy lingerie is for those who wish to experiment and separate the adventurous from the mundane.

I believe that every woman deserves an enviable piece of women lingerie in her cupboard, a piece that will pull her through the good times. Make it a habit to buy bras from us and we will keep on ensuring that you are spoilt for choice. We ensure style, quality and design, along with the ‘oomph’ factor with our Push Up Bra that you were actually looking out for.

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