Circuit Training Basics – Crossing an Intense Weight Workout With an Equally Demanding Cardio Routin

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Circuit training is one good way to engage in a workout. Since it is a mix of an intense aerobic exercise and resistance training, it is a good weight workout that is also great as a cardio. With this activity, you not only get to buff up your muscles, but you also get to toughen up your heart.

Usually, sessions are held for small groups. Since it contains a high intensity routine, it is somehow in need of closer supervision, so no one will be in danger of over exerting his or her body. Every session is very short; sometimes it can even be done in under a minute or maybe just fifteen seconds so you can quickly proceed to the next activity without pausing to continue the next equally demanding workout.

Other benefits of circuit training are:

1. It is a great way to change your boring, daily routines by livening things up a bit.

It is an ideal workout if you are always on the go and busy with everything. It takes up very small amount of time but with a very demanding and intense.
3. It is very lively, with a wide variety of energetic routines, you are guaranteed to not get bored.
4. It allows you to opt for an intensity that suits your capabilities and level so you will not be overworked, but can still enjoy the group setting.
5. There are numerous circuit training DVDs available that you can easily access so you can do the workout anytime you feel like it.

Circuit training only requires you to work out some twenty to sixty minutes weekly. Like mentioned earlier, it is very friendly for those with tight, busy schedules. It is also equally attractive for those who want to burn calories instantly since it boasts of success rates of 544 calories per hour burned for a person weighing 150 pounds and up to 726 calories per hour for an individual weighing 200 pounds.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

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