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<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>silicone pads</span> that add the full cup size to your chest and lift natural looking.Graduated bump pad is padded at the bottom to lift the natural look. use with bras and bathing suits

<em>Cheap Price Braza Silicone</em><em> Dolly Push-up bra inserts Super Wedge</em> Made from 100% silicone for a natural look and bounce Dimensions:. 3 1 / 4 “x 5 1 / 4?. 1 “thick at its thickest point and tapers to 7 / 16? at the edges.

Braza Dolly the different ways to the desired look for each dress up, dress or bathing, you can create your own. Enter the heavily padded side under the breast to improve or add to fill the upper chest. Note: This is the same as in Braza swim Shapers Dolly in the blue box.


Well, the time for confession. I had a baby recently and went from a 34D to a 34G pre-baby while breastfeeding and now the baby is big boobs easily be emptied into a 34Cminus/Bplus. It’s sad, I know. I can not (mentally or financially) now implants, and girls are about where I would I let gravity wise, but leave a gap large enough in my Vic. Sec. bikini top, so I need a little something back to help old bikinis decent. In desperation I tried 2 or 3 push-up pads that came with the Vic. Sec. Tops in each cup and each of these combo conceiveable waterpads few pumps and socks. Carts Shaper swimming much better than anything I could do. You give so much “punch”, and probably 3 Vic. Sec. Push-up pads and much more convenient. They solved the problem in all cases, tops fit into the small closet in the bikini and I felt a little better . The only negative is that they get a bit heavy. They work better in it with a ribbon or bow. Not very good, but still quite acceptable in the chain of peaks. Bottom line: I love this! I was so impressed that I started as an image before and after. Maybe if I lose the Muffin Top

I am a very small A cup , so bathing suits that fit my top are generally too small on the bottom. This summer I decided to match my bathing suit on my measurements of the hip, and add the booster to the top of my suit. These makers look so good I’m tempted to wear it every day. However, I can not wear comfortable with triangle bikini tops. I do not trust that the costume does not move and show the corner of this shaper! Under clothing, they are a dream. Even in camisoles with built-in bra! I’m so glad I bought it. I just want another pair of triangles for my bikini. Buy <em><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Cheap Price Braza Silicone</span></em><em> </em>. You will not regret it!

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