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Eat frequently. Rather than having three big meals a day you should be aiming to get around five or six smaller meals. It is all about balance when eating to get lean. Also avoid eating right before you go to bed.

Drink more water. The more water you drink, the more fat you will burn. Researchers say that a cup of water burns off about eight calories of pure fat. It boosts your metabolism to the max and helps your body digest food. Water also keeps you hydrated through a tough workout on a hot summer day.

Have a cup of coffee. Despite anything you ever heard about coffee it is not a bad idea to have a cup in the morning or before you perform physical activity. Caffeine gives you that extra boost of energy to stay focused and burn more. Studies show that people who drank just a cup of coffee a day burnt more than those that did not.

Eat more protein.  By getting more protein in your diet you more boosting your metabolism to the max.

That is because calories from protein are burnt off much quicker than carbs or fat. On top of that you need to protein to build muscle mass.

Hit the weights. Working out more will greatly improve your fat loss results. Especially weight training because you build more muscle which promotes even more weight loss. Start off slow and go for a rep range of 12-15 to get toned up. Always have basics in your workout like push ups and sit ups as well.

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