Bodybuilding Chest Exercises – Tips on How to Increase the Size of Your Pecs

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Article by Alex Rockson

Especially for men, having an expansive chest is something that they aspire for. Having a solid chest makes the male body look more proportional and stronger. Alas, not a lot of men are blessed with a solid-looking chest that gymnasts and swimmers seem to be naturally endowed with. Moreover, not a lot of people are into swimming or gymnastics. So, how can someone have an impressive looking chest without having to do a million laps on the pool or a hundred sets in the rings or pummel horse?

One great tip when doing bodybuilding chest exercises is to do two days dedicated to the body part. That’s actually quite a small part of a weekly routine, but it should be sufficient, so that the rest of the week can be set for the recovery of the chest muscles and make the area more muscular. One of the two days should be a dedicated all out day for chest exercises, while the other day should be a chest stretching day that includes exercises in high reps but low volume. Chest training involves a lot of strain on the shoulders, thus requiring hard core training only once a week. Doing too many chest exercises without sufficient rest may lead to injury. For the chest stretching exercises, cable flys are great because they stretch chest muscles but do not put too much tension on the shoulders.

One tip with chest exercises that people, especially those who are just in the beginning phases, to keep the movements simple and avoid experimenting with the movements. One can definitely experiment with the repetitions, but trying on weird movements when doing bodybuilding chest exercises will only waste time and does not help the chest building cause.

As with any other body part, a lot of people tend to value size more than any other factor. If they do not see that their chest has expanded in inches, they immediately conclude that their efforts were in vain. The truth is, size comes only after strength. When muscles are strong enough, then it is the time that they expand. This is why barbell presses are recommended over barbell presses, because barbells imply heavier weights and therefore, harnesses the strength of the person training.

Even with the dedicated full chest day, it would be great to finish off with stretching, to keep the muscles flexible and limber. Fascial stretching can be done, which is using lighter weights and lowering oneself to the chest’s end point, which sends signals to the fascia, which is a structure that is paper-like, and when opened up increases the potential of the growth of chest muscles.

So, one question that people who engage in bodybuilding chest exercises ask is when they will see the definition in their chest. The answer to this question really depends on the person’s chest size to begin with and diet, aside from the workout routine. With strength comes size, and with size will come the protruding veins and prominent cuts.

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