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Article by Dane Stanton

When it comes to bodybuilding for guys like me(when I first started) that can’t seem to lift weights most girls do at the gym, there’s only one thing you can do. This one thing alone will mean the difference for whether or not you build any kind of respectable looking muscle.

When I First Started

When I first started learning bodybuilding concepts, I weighed 130 pound and could only bench around 90lbs, squat even less, curl 15 lbs and could only get out two or sometimes 3 pull-ups. Now I’m a completely different looking person. I now weigh 170lbs I bench 220lbs, squat 250lbs and curl 45lbs. I’m not going to brag too much because I know there are guys out there that have had more success than me, but I also know there are even more that haven’t and for some reason continue to struggle to make any decent gains.

So What’s The Reason?

There are a lot of hardgainers who have built constructed decent looking bodies that will agree with me when I say – the key to gaining muscle mass is lifting heavy. You see bodybuilding is all about forcing your body to change. Forcing it to adapt when put under incredible amounts of stress. As a hardgainer, it is more difficult to force your body to adapt under pressure, therefore you are required to do more than just light, muscle-pumping weights.

We have to lift heavy weights, which also means low repetition sets at the same time. So unless you do this already, I want you to go to your next session and every session after that for a six week period and thinking about this one approach –

4 sets, reps of 8, 6, 4, 2

That’s right 2 repetitions! I want you to lift weights that force the bar down onto you. I want you to also get a training partner, if you haven’t already to spot you, especially on the last set.

Who Cares What People Think!

One thing that I remember got to me at first was the fact I had a bunch of big guys staring at me all the time, wondering why some weak idiot was lifting weights far too heavy for him. I even had a few guys come up and tell me to use lighter weights, I ignored them and I don’t think it made them very happy. One of them even shouldered me one time I walked past him!

Six months later now it’s a different story. I stuck to my guns and put on 20 pounds in the first 8 weeks. Then those guys started to talk to me which I thought was a little strange. I started to get some respect although I still considered myself as being a small guy(and still do for that matter), however people tend to want to talk to people who have results. Action draws in attention more so than words and that’s exactly what I was doing.

You know the other week, I had a guy, who was bigger than me, ask me what I was doing to put on so much weight in such a short period of time. I just told him, “I just did what MY body required of me” That’s what it’s all about in the end. I have friends who have great genetics and have been able to construct fantastic bodies training the way everyone else does and it works for them. I tried that and got nothing so I tried something different, something that was designed for guys like me and in the end it worked. So give it a go and see what happens.

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