Best Bicep Exercises for Gaining Strong Looking Arms

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Very often the more muscles that are targeted across the body within a workout plan, the better.
Understanding what’s viewed to be the best bicep exercises to go and do can be quite useful for shedding any build up of fat that presently exists around the arms.

One such workout that is looked upon as being one of the best bicep exercises are alternate curls. HavingĀ  armed yourself with two barbells about the same in weight position the dumbbells so that they’re by your sides with each end pointing away from the front and back of the body.

Then, slowly begin to bring a dumbbell single handedly in the path of the shoulder, while ensuring that the palms face the ceiling while you lift the barbells up. As the pressure should be focused on the bicep region, it is best to bring the dumbbells near by to although not actually allow them to come into contact with the shoulder.

Either sitting or standing will both be alright for doing alternating curls.

Keeping the tension on the biceps while conducting this exercise is key. Therefore, the wrists and elbows should be doing most of the work and not the back muscles. Next, on the list of exercises considered to be one of the best bicep exercises out there is drag curls. Barbells are essentially used in place of dumbbells with similar range of motion as you would do when doing alternating curls.

Drag curls involve the act of dragging the barbells up towards the chest area while in a standing position. The palms of your hands need to be facing upwards to really zero in on those biceps. There is also the reverse version of the barbell curl which is considered to be amongst the best bicep exercises. What it entails is for your palms to be faced downwards and bringing the bar up to your chest.

For the top half of the arms, cable rope hammer curls can be ideal.
Take a hold of the handle of the cable standing up, and with your elbows and palms at your sides pull it up.

The biceps must be kept tensed, therefore to avoid taking tension away, and the likelihood of a back injury use your arms and not your back to do this exercise. Pulley machines might be seen as being safe to use when compared with free weights. Although both share almost equal results.

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