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They say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. We all admire people with flat abdomen. They must have spent hours exercising just to get those well sculpted abs. In a way, their dedication and hard work are admirable. These are traits that became habits. If one wants to have a flat stomach, then it is necessary to develop the best abs routine possible. Practice this abs routine for 21 days then it naturally infuses in your system.

It is necessary to only have the best practices. In this case, you must always warm up before doing any strenuous exercise. This will protect you from any forms of injuries. You can just do some calisthenics and stretching. The next step is to proceed with these abs routine that are effective once followed properly and diligently.

Once you finish your warm up, you need to do your stability exercises. These are exercises that use your body weight as resistance.

There are no fixed number of repetitions here. You need to do these exercises intensely and must only stop when your body cannot do another rep. Remember stability exercises do not make use of any apparatus. These are in the form of crunches and reverse crunches.

You must do a combination of stability and resistance exercises. These exercises make use of weights as a source of resistance. Examples are weighted crunch and incline bench crunch. The next abs routine that you can incorporate is the core strengthening exercises. These include some of the most complex movements and require exact body position and execution. Some of the core strengthening exercises that you can do in a supine position are The Plank and the Side Plank. Wood choppers and cable torso twists are those that you can do while standing.

You must always end your best abs routine with unbalanced exercises.

This is the hardest part since the it requires that you throw your body out of balance. You have to get into a push up position with your entire body straight. Then you need to lift one arm towards the ceiling and open your whole body to that side. This is difficult to do even if you’re in good shape. These abs routine will only work best when you combine it with proper diet.

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