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Article by Mark Franco

MMA Training Circuit Basics

MMA Circuit training is a basic part of any MMA workout routine. Every successful MMA fighter incorporates circuits in their training, and if you want to be truly successful, you should learn the benefits of this kind of workout too. There is no point doing something if you don’t know it’s advantages. You don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken.

An MMA training circuit basics routine involves combining multiple exercises and performing them little rest. Normally, a circuit will last about five minutes. More experienced fighters give themselves more time, but 5 minutes is an ideal training time.

Circuit training in MMA is effective because it simulates what a real fight is like. Non stop constant action. When you’re in the ring, you won’t have time for rest, and you must have enough stamina to outlast your opponent. This is especially valid in cases where you’re up against an opponent of equal skill to yours. Then, the fight will be mostly decided by who can last longer – as soon as you start getting tired and let your guard down you start to expose yourself and be an open target for your opponent.

With that in mind, to create your MMA training circuit basics program, you need to think of exercises which simulate fighting to some degree. For example, skipping rope, punching bag, running, etc – exercises which use actions which you would normally use in an actual fight. This way, you’ll train yourself to more efficiently conserve your energy when you’re in the ring, and you’ll be prepared for the exhaustion that comes after a long fighting session.

This is what a lot of MMA fighters lack, and if you can train yourself perfectly in that aspect, you’re already well ahead of the majority of your competition – just by being able to last longer. This is why circuit training is a basic part of any MMA workout routine.

Of course, you should adjust your choice of exercises according to your preferred style of fighting. Some people are better in wrestling, for example, and they prefer to take the fight to the ground where they have the upper hand. If you’re one of those, you need to concentrate Get the ultimate mma training hereon your wrestling skills – doing weight exercises is always useful for this purpose, for example. If your advantage is in your speed, try to incorporate more exercises which develop that further, etc. It all boils down to your style of fighting.

Mixing up the exercises is very important because you do not want your body is adapt to your training, thus your training improvement will be slowed down. Your muscle memory is important because when you are tired and not thinking properly as you usually would, this is where it jumps in and takes over. It becomes natural for you. You need to repeat those exercises a lot to have a real effect from them though, so don’t neglect your MMA training circuit basics if you want to be a good MMA fighter.

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