Basic Routine Triceps Exercises for Women in Fitness

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Article by Mohamad Alodah

There have been constant dilemmas among women when it talks about getting trimming fatty arms. As a result, this give them negative consequences such as not able to wear sleeveless and spaghetti straps. Being able to achieve proportional, sexy arms like Jennifer Aniston or much preferred, Madonna, it won’t require you to go to fitness gyms or any assistance from fitness trainers! There are efficient exercises in which you can easily perform it anywhere, that could be possibly done at your home or outdoors if you feel comfortable with it. This fitness schedule that is good for three occurrences in a week shall lead you to be even sexier. Actually, this can improve your wellness and let you build confidence to wear daring clothes. Well, prepare yourself for a full blast fitness series of triceps exercises for women. Here is how most women jump start on fitness.Engaging the Basic Triceps ExercisesGetting Ready for the ExerciseBefore you start the exercise, have 5 -10 minute stationary jogging until you can feel your body is pumped with energy. You should perform required arm stretches first which would avoid you to suffer from muscle pains. Learn to take full inhales to your nose and slow exhales to your mouth as you walk in place.Starting at Low Intensity to High IntensityTo begin this exercise division, you would be needing resistance tubes to accustom your muscles for peak work. This means, aiming to tone and condition the triceps muscle. First, let’s perform the triceps exercises with the resistance tube.1. Fast Triceps Contraction with Resistance TubesAmong the various, yet, effective means in developing your triceps that affects almost all muscles on the arms. One is the triceps exercises with resistance bands or tubes which came to be commonly done by women in fitness. Here is the procedure:· It’s either you sit or stand in preparation for the exercise.· Place your grip on the middle of the tube.· Stretch your arms straight out in front of you while keeping them few inches away from each other.· Contract your shoulder blades together as you pull the tube so that arms are out to the sides forming a wing. It’s highly recommended by fitness experts to keep the exercise in a fast pace. This includes three sets of 16 repetitions per set. You should always keep the tension of the tubes in the whole routine.· As you finish the first phase, extend your triceps and hold the tube’s end using separate hands level to your shoulders, having bent the right arm.· This is done so that it’s in front of your chest as you straighten out your left arm. Have your left arm stabled to create tension, contract the triceps to straighten the right arm. Go back to the starting position and execute it again before you change arm positions.· Finally, curl the tube around a sturdy object (ex. Pole, anchor) behind you leveled to your chest. Start by having bent your elbows at 90 degrees. Forearms must be parallel to the floor. Keep your right arm stationary and press your left arm out. Bring your left arm back and then press forward with your right arm. Continue alternating arms for a total of 16 reps on each side2. Slow Triceps Contraction with DumbbellsAfter you have done the resistance tube routine, you can proceed with the high intensity exercise. Adjustable dumbbells are able to provide ease in doing your routines. They feature with easy to adjust weights. This equipment is practically cheap instead of buying fixed weight dumbbells. Triceps exercises with dumbbells provide women the process of developing their triceps muscle.· Start with a standing position. Hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your head.· You should keep your upper arms pointing straight up.· Lift the dumbbell up by bending your elbows and slowly lower it back. You keep your upper arms stable in the entire phase. Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions per set.· After that, you proceed to the next phase by positioning your knee and hand on top of a bench. Hold a dumbbell with the other hand. Place your palm faced at your body. Maintain upper arm at parallel to your body. Push the dumbbell back through stretching out your elbows until you slowly return to the first position. Stable your upper arm throughout the exercise. Have 12 – 16 repetitions for each arm.

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