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Article by Gaston Permize

We are constantly getting reminded of the various different benefits what exercises could do for us. I have briefly talked about it in here in the benefits of exercising.

Society changes has brought working out and fitness into our minds. For many who are ready to start their exercise regime, their initial visit to a gym may be intimidating. Various confusing machines and the buff bodybuilders lifting basically do nothing to help you understand where to start. However considering that there are two different forms of exercise, Aerobic and Anaerobic. Anaerobic exercises focuses on developing muscle strength and building whereas Aerobic exercises focuses mainly on fat loss.

Aerobics. Most people’s perspective of this are scenes from the 1980s with leg tights and sweatbands. Aerobics is basically considered a mode of conditioning which helps our body use more oxygen and maintaining a healthy heart rate. This also helps our blood circulation and keeps our blood pressure levels at a healthy range.

Advantages of Aerobics

Weight ControlIt is also used as a form of weight management as it triggers an increase in heart-rate which in turn naturally results in more calories being burned. Combined with a healthy diet, this will help us achieve an increased rate of weight loss progression. However if you are still struggling with weight loss, you may want to check out my fast way to lose weight.

Increased Energy LevelsAerobics also intensifies our resistance to fatigue and gives us elevated levels of energy which gives us additional vigor for the rest of the day. Aside from that, Aerobics is also able to decrease shortness of breath and also allow us to achieve better sleep at night, making us more energetic and fresh the next day.

Progression of AerobicsOver the years, Aerobics have progressed from dancing to disco music in leotards to jogging to modified weight lifting regime. While lifting itself is not exactly aerobic, it could be modified so our body follows a steady increase of heart rate during the activity.

It could be seen that Aerobics just refers to any form of exercise that allows our heart to pump for a period of time, regardless what activity it is.

There are different types of Aerobics out there which fits the individual needs and abilities.

Low Impact Aerobics

As the name implies, Low Impact Aerobics are activities with lower intensity and reduces the stress placed on the joints and bones. This sort of Aerobics are generally used for beginners to allow their bodies to get used to the physical movements itself and allows them to slowly get familiarized before moving on. Besides beginners, Low Impact Aerobics are also very useful for the elderly, overweight or pregnant ladies. This group of people are unable to take the additional stress and pressure on the joints and body, making Low Impact Aerobics very ideal for them.

Examples of Low Impact Aerobics

WalkingWalking is very gentle on the joints and has the big advantage of not requiring any special equipments. It could done almost anywhere, at any location. It can be easily modified so it suits the individual’s speed and resistance requirements.

Stationary BikingFor people who are more comfortable with seated exercises could take the option of stationary biking. Popularity has been growing over the years as more people realize the benefits and the low risk of injuries from this exercise. Seated puts our lower back at a reduced pressure compared to standing and it’s an excellent choice for those with lower back problems.

Step AerobicsStep Aerobics are generally low impact, however there are some modified versions which increases intensity and requires a lot of additional jumping and fast movements. How Step Aerobics work is the usage of an elevated step platfom and we step on and off the platform according to the beat of the music. There are many ways of performing this, plenty of different instructional videos online that teaches different ways of utilizing the platform. However whenever following a video, pay attention to every step and ensure that comfortable shoes are worn to minimize chances of injuries.

Water AerobicsWater Aerobics. This is another fun and interesting way of doing our aerobics. Water itself provides support and buoyancy. Our bodies are saved of the jerking of joints, muscles and bones. Also due to the resistance in water, it burns more calories than similar land based activities. It also enhances our flexibility due to the lower gravity in water and our joints could be moved more widely, enabling enhanced flexibility in the long term. However we should note that try not to exercise alone in the water, even the most experienced trainer may face an emergency which requires the help of another individual.

High Impact Aerobics

High Impact Aerobics include a lot more movements than the Low Impact Aerobics mentioned above. These movements can include jumping, kicking, turning etc. This form of Aerobics helps develop the muscle and strength of various muscle groups such as the abdominals and calves. This is recommended for those that has experience or are generally active. An inactive individual or a beginner to fitness jumping directly into High Impact Aerobics are very prone to injuries as their muscles and joints are not used to the added stress and can easily lead to fractures or tearing of muscle fibres.

Examples of High Impact Aerobics

It is easy to see that the above exercises could take a serious toll on our bodies if we are not adequetely prepared for it. These involve a lot of fast paced movements and involves strength in every move.

Running / SprintingRunning or Sprinting allows one to burn some serious calories. A 150lb person running at a pace of 5mph for 30minutes could burn over 300 calories. A brisk walk would burn only half of that. The issue is that it takes time to build up the stamina and strength to run continuously and may not work for everyone (Eg, those with ankle injuries)

Kick BoxingKickboxing is an extremely fun workout for people who wants to work hard with a choreographed workout. Implementing kicks and punches not only allows both our upper and lower body to get activated, it also improves our coordination, making this a great and fun workout. In addition, it reduces our levels of stress and increase our stamina and strength. Picture learning self defense and keeping ourselves fit together!


We have seen the benefits of performing Aerobic exercises. Ensure that you pick the right one to start with, and consult your physician before attempting to start any sort of exercise regime. Now let’s move on, what are Anaerobic Exercises?

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