3 Best Arm Toning Exercises

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If you want to have lean, muscular arms, then, apart from a balanced diet, you need to do arm toning exercises.

It is very easy to injure yourself when lifting weights. It is advisable not to use weights when you are alone and don’t think of doing so if you have an existing injury Only use weights that are well within your ability to lift and if in any doubt seek the advise of a qualified professional.

Firstly The Bar Bell Bicep Curl

The classic arm toning exercise is the bar bell bicep curl. This is essentially a simple exercise but must be done correctly to get the maximum benefit. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart, your back is straight and your elbows are firmly at your side before curling the bar upwards and into your chest. You should raise the bar to a point just below your neck. Be careful when you lower the bar, slowly and smoothly without moving your elbows.

Secondly The Alternate Dumb Bell Curl

The second arm toning exercise we are looking at is the alternate dumb bell curl.

With this technique you can focus on just one arm. This is an exercise where heavier weights are often used but you must realise that the heavier the weight the greater the risk of injury. Before lifting the weight, just as previously, your back must be straight and your feet shoulder width apart. To ensure a tight contraction you need to curl the weight firmly into your shoulder. You can do this one arm at a time or, with two weights, do alternative lifts. When lowering the weights do it slowly and smoothly so that they finish up by your sides.

And Thirdly Skull Crushers !

Finally we have the colorfully named skull crusher. This exercise is used to tone up the triceps and will produce noticeable results quickly but should never be attempted alone as there is a fairly high risk of injury.

Lying on a bench, on your back holding the bar bell, you extend your arms upwards then slowly back until the bar has passed your head. When the bar is a few inches above the floor behind your head bring it back to the upright position and do as many repetitions as you can comfortably manage.

Your arms can be toned, your whole physique leaner, your outlook more positive with a expertly designed diet and training program.

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