10 Simple Ways to Boost Metabolism

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Article by Brandon Johnson

Metabolism is the one which is responsible for converting the food that we consume to energy. The factors that contribute to metabolism are age, gender and the body size. They contribute to the calculation of BMR or the Basic Metabolism Rate. BMR is the number of calories that the body requires in the state of rest. Metabolism rate also depends on the lifestyle of the person and few changes made to the lifestyle boost metabolism.

Given below are 10 ways by which one can boost metabolism.

1.Eat Breakfast Breakfast which is the first meal of the day enhances metabolism. The metabolism rate generally slows down during the night and the cells of the body are replenished with the first meal consumed in the morning. Also, eating every 4 hours rather than depending on 3 meals a day helps increase metabolism.

2.Avoid sugars When sugars is consumed metabolism changes the sugars into fat and increase the blood sugar levels. This leads to the increase in the insulin levels which is a sign that our body is not using the stored fat content.

3.Increase Walking It is good to keep moving the whole day on your feet rather than using the elevator. Activities like gardening, using the stairs and parking a bit further to the building and walking increase metabolism.

4.Workout About 20 minutes of exercise every day is a must to increase metabolism. The best way would be to lift weight at least 4 times in a week. One should remember that the muscle burns more calories than fat while resting.

5.Never Starve In the name of losing weight many people adopt crash diets. This should never be done as it disturbs metabolism. Eating small and frequent meals boots metabolism and regulates the blood pressure as well. Skipping meals lead to the metabolic thermostat stop.

6.Add Spices It is good to add spice to the food as chili is said to boost metabolism. One should see that a few chilies are added to the meal every day.

7.Water Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day boosts metabolism. It is found that cold water is the best as it burns more calories as it warms the cold water consumed to the body temperature.

8.Proper Sleep If a person is sleep deprived he feels hungry even when he is actually not. Sleeplessness leads to over eating. This leads to weight gain and losing the increased weight is again a challenge.

9.Consume Beverage Green tea and black coffee are said to be good beverages that help increase metabolism. It is said that these beverages burn an extra 50 calories every day.10.Reduce Stress Keeping stress under control and focusing on the present that worrying about what is not in your hands also helps improve metabolism.

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